CONTEMPLATING YOUR DREAM NAVEL: Dream Alerts from Your 2nd Chakra: Dream Info Session No. 180

Chakra Centers are your own private energy dynamos, Centers in your body through which pure energy is taken in, dispersed, sent throughout your system, then back out again. Each Chakra Center carries its own specific tasks and symbolism, giving you good clues to what needs attention once you recognize its alerts. (Also Session 164 DREAMING ABOUT SURVIVAL: Early 1st Chakra Alerts.)


- most often labeled the Spleen, Navel, Sacral, or Fluid Chakra, it symbolizes your subconscious mind and the first level of your experience of the subconscious while within physical reality. This is where your very first experience of being a bit more than you appear to be shows itself. It is the Center for learning Honor One Another, and often represented by a 6-petaled flower, usually a lotus.

The 2nd is directly connected to your personal relationships, your inborn creativity, your sensuality, and the ongoing development of your personal sexuality and creativity.

Some Chakra systems place male sexuality at the 1st Chakra and female at the 2nd, but in any event the 2nd Chakra Center gives you access to stored memories, experiences, and personal beliefs about human sexuality and the load that one carries.

It's also connected directly to the Mental and Emotional Energy Bodies (very short version - the Mental Energy Body controls the cerebrospinal nervous system and brings information from higher levels of energy through intuition, inspiration, and "gut feelings." The Emotional Energy Body is synonymous with the Astral Body, the one interpenetrating and extending 5-8 inches from the physical body - way too complex to explain here.)


Traditionally, the 2nd Chakra is believed to help adjust all fluids of the physical body and helps the body regain balance after over-exposure to Earth's natural radiations. So on that basis alone, a pretty important symbol.

The 2nd Chakra often shows up symbolically in a dream as the color Orange, but since all Chakras really contain all colors not a given. The color Orange itself is a complex one, and as always you cannot take a symbol out of the context of the entire dream. Where in your dream did you notice the color? What was colored orange? How did you feel about it? How would the dream change if the color changed?

You will often dream about the 2nd when you're feeling particularly boxed in or trapped by social obligations. Check that "I Should" list and see what's on it.

The short answer is that your 2nd Chakra represents your next step forward on the journey to learning to handle energy, one small step ahead of the purely physical experience.

But its energy is an emotional one, emotion of a deep physical nature rather than a purely feeling one (4th Chakra). So a perfect Center for storing old feelings and holding onto the past. Fortunately working with the 2nd helps integrate your physical emotional experiences - at the cellular level. No small thing.

Dreaming about the 2nd could also be an early alert that you're in danger of creating problems with your kidneys, bladder, adrenals, even arthritic-like disorders if you don't pay attention and work with the lessons represented by this Center.

And for using crystals and other minerals to boost this whole process, check out our other free blog and our Chakra series there.

See you next week. In the meantime, run all that emotional physical energy exactly where it needs to go - not that I think that's easy....

[Excerpted in part from upcoming ebook Where Spirit Meets Matter: Investigating the Sacred Through Your 12 Primary Chakras. We'll let you know when it hits the airwaves.]

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