COLORS IN AND OUT OF DREAMS, PART 3 (GREEN): Dream Info Session No. 163

    Most of the time we pay no attention to dream colors, just take them as part of the picture. But when we do remember them, they double their importance. Colors are superb message carriers. Ask any biker.

(See Session 144 DREAMING IN COLOR: DO YOU? for Red, Hot Pink, Muddy colors; and Session 162 SEEING COLORS, IN AND OUT OF DREAMS for Black, Blue.)

GREEN - Green often represents abundance, an awakening to Life, a healing, renewal, immortality, prosperity, wealth, physical balance, the Heart (4th) Chakra.

Green is a neutral color, the mediator between the Blue of perception (5th Chakra) and the Yellow of emotional feelings (3rd Chakra). Green opens the 4th Chakra and is thought to have no adverse effects, ever, under any circumstances.

In some systems, Green is the color of the Astral Plane while others color this level Grey. At any rate, Green is one of the primary Angelic colors, especially shimmering Green and Emerald Green.

In Islam, Green represents both material and spiritual salvation, the wisdom of the prophets, and illumination.

In ancient China, Green was associated with thunder, lightning, and the Yin principle, while the ancient alchemists saw the Secret Fire (Living Spirit) within the color Green and taught that it could dissolve gold. The Secret Fire itself was often symbolized by a translucent crystal.

DARK GREEN - Dark or Forest Green represents peace, healing, and nature. It often signals the beginning of a teaching dream. So if you find yourself lost in a dark green forest, work with that one, baby.

EMERALD GREEN - symbolizes an initiation, a purification, and spiritual assistance or teaching. Emerald Green is especially adept at opening the Heart Chakra and is another of the primary Angelic colors, believed to connect to the Teaching Order of Angels.

LIGHT GREEN - symbolizes shyness and - ready? - your psychic sensitivities. It can also be telling you your energy is running a tad low or in danger of getting scattered, especially in the areas colored Green represent to you.

    See you next week. In the meantime, don't take colors for granted. Not everyone sees exactly the same shades, and there's a reason you notice them when you do - and most definitely why you dream them when you do.

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