SEEING COLORS, IN AND OUT OF DREAMS: Color Part 2 - Black and Blue: Dream Info Session No. 162

    Color: how interesting would your life be without it? And that includes your dreams. Most of the time we don't remember dream colors. We just take them for granted as part of the overall picture. But when you do remember them, they double their message.

    See Session 144 DREAMING IN COLOR: DO YOU? for some basics about color, and for the colors Red, Hot Pink, and what Muddy colors may mean. This time we'll talk about Black and the Blues.

BLACK - This color has symbolized deep hidden knowledge and wisdom, the Unknown, Great Mystery, the Unconscious, Non-Being, Nothingness, and Power since earliest human history. Quite a load it carries.

Black is considered Yin in its energies, and to the ancients represented the Indwelling Spirit and the expression of the potential of the Hidden Spirit within the Soul. Sort of makes you wonder about all the recent interest by astrophysicists about dark matter, huh?

Black is of course the polar opposite of White, and like White contains all colors. But unlike White, Black contains color by absorbing, while White releases. This is partly what accounts for Black's potential to hold all the answers.

Conversely, Black also represents the absence of light. So it can symbolize darkness, an unwillingness or inability to see, and any dark or negative feeling, emotions, or thoughts. How do you feel about Black? Where was it in your dream?

As an absorber of negative energies, the color true Black (yes, there are shades of Black) reduces the activity in any Chakra, and has been used by mystics and metaphysicians for generations to deflect evil and unwanted influences. The original meaning of "black magic" is in fact believed by some experts to refer to the magic of Ancient Egypt, the Black Land.

In some Native American and other cultures, Black is one of the four power colors, and to the Ancient Egyptians represented both the fertility and the abundance of life and rebirth of the spirit, and total emptiness.

BLUE - Symbolizes Peace, Truth, spirituality, compassion, communication, healing, perception, and the 5th (Throat) Chakra. It opens the 4th (Heart) Chakra and the 5th, and closes the 1st (Root).

Blue is the first truly higher (translate that as faster) vibration on the color spectrum and said to be one of the primary Angelic colors, especially Sky Blue. Blue in all its shades represents the Higher Mental Planes of Existence and the Higher Mind or Higher Intellect.

Blue also represents spiritual transparency (absence of pollutants), the immaterial, the fantastic, Divine Truth, and fidelity through steadfastly clinging to the Truth.

BLUE-GREY - symbolizes analytical behavior and attitudes.

BLUE-WHITE - symbolizes the Eternal and the Divine.

SKY-BLUE - the color of the Angels and Divine Mother.

    See you next week. In the meantime, don't take colors for granted. There's a reason you notice them when you do.

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