No way can we run out of birds as symbols, so here are some more of the ones most likely to flit by you, in and out of your dreams. (See Session 109 BIRDS SOARING THROUGH YOUR DREAMS? Symbolism of Birds and Session No. 155 MORE BIRDS: FLYING IN AND OUT OF YOUR DREAMS for more.)

OWL - ancient symbol of the Wisdom That Penetrates The Darkness Of Ignorance. How's that for symbolism? Owls have the gift of seeing clearly even with little light (information) available.

But of course Owl is another of the ambivalent symbols, representing both good and not so much, depending on who's doing the interpreting. For instance Owl is often named the polar opposite of Eagle. And in some cultures, seeing or dreaming about an Owl is a warning of disaster or death.

In Ancient Egypt and India, Owl was a bird of death, of the night, coldness, passivity, the realm of the "dead sun," and believed to be uncanny. But in Ancient China, it was associated with the lightning which lights up the night, the drum which penetrates the stillness of night, and the Yang principle.

Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, is often shown with an Owl on her shoulder to help her perceive the unseen truths, in essence providing light for her blind side.

Some Native American cultures place Owl in the East, the place of illumination. And Owl medicine is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and both white and black magic. Owl is often the medicine of sorcerers, likely because of its ability to see and hear in the dark and to fly silently- making it a very efficient night hunter.

ROBIN - old symbol of new growth. Even though Robins actually migrate only when there is a lack of winter food, they are dubbed the Ambassadors of Spring. Busy all the time, those Robins.

And all Robins are especially sensitive to the color red. To the male Robin, red translates to "this is my territory!" But any argument over it is almost always a battle of song, no feathers lost. So could your Robin by telling you to step up and sing your song, mark your territory through harmony rather than conflict?

Baby Robins are born completely featherless from a powder blue egg, symbolizing the birth or activation of your ability to speak your own truth, even though that truth is fragile and in its infancy. How cool is that?

SPARROW -  sweet little Sparrow often represents companionship, getting together in groups, the past, and the strength and nobility of the common and ordinary.

To ancient Greeks, Sparrow was one of the attributes of Aphrodite, while to the Japanese Sparrow symbolized loyalty. And to the early Christians the symbol of the Twelve Sparrows represented the twelve qualities within human nature which aspire to becoming reflections of the higher self.

    Now you have the most common birds as symbols, so look around. Which ones do you notice most often?

    See you next week. In the meantime, try to keep those feathers unruffled.

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