FEATHERS FLYING? What's Aiming for Your Attention?

FEATHERS FLYING? What's Aiming at Your Attention? Dream Info Session No. 156

    Have you noticed a lot of feathers lately? Are they showing up in odd places, including your dreams? Do you see them as a nuisance and probably none too clean, or do you collect them? Why?

    Another one of the common symbols we ignore, Feathers have been important almost from our beginnings as Message Bringers. Feathers have always symbolized the sacred and direct connection to the angels and heavens, the willingness and ability to be carried on and by the air of Spirit. Important enough for you?

    But wait! There's more! In many ancient cultures a Feather represents Truth, the Truth which will and must rise; speed; lightness; heights; the ability to fly to other levels and dimensions of existence; the elements of Wind and Air, especially as opposite to the moist element of Water; and even the Soul itself.

    To the Ancient Egyptians, Feather symbolized Sovereignty and Truth and Justice. It was an emblem of Maat in her role as Truth, of the one who weighs the hearts of the dead against a feather - usually an ostrich feather (see below.)

    Feathers were symbols of the attributes of solar deities: Amen Ra, Osiris, Horus, Shu, Hathor, Amsu, Mentu, Nefertium, Anheru. Mercury had feathers at his ankles, Pegasus adds feathers to his strength as Horse, and of course Angels are usually shown with wings - more feathers.

    To wear Feathers of any kind is to take on the power of that winged creature and thought to help the wearer connect directly to the knowledge of that particular being.

    Feathers also represent work well done, a feather in your cap. We even used to write with feathers. So pay attention to the type of Feather you've just noticed or dreamed. What type of winged being dropped it? Was it a wing feather or an inner one of soft down? Make a symbolic difference to you?

CLOAK OF FEATHERS - an old symbol for one who journeys to other worlds and dimensions. Couple that with a cloak of hummingbird feathers, and what do you get? (See Session 155 MORE BIRDS: FLYING IN AND OUT OF YOUR DREAMS.)

CROWN OF FEATHERS - symbolizes the Sun and the direct connection of its wearer as One Who is Master of Truth.

EAGLE FEATHER - Great Spirit, Thunder Bird, Universal Spirit, Power, Spiritual Energy, individual rays of the Sun - and so very much more. (See Session 109 BIRDS SOARING THROUGH YOUR DREAMS? Symbolism of Birds.)

FEATHERED STICK - represents contemplation, prayer, connection to Spirit, and the Creator.

OSTRICH - because they are all perfectly equal to one another, strong symbols of Truth, Justice, Equality, and Spiritual Law. Just one of the reasons ostrich feathers were an emblem of Maat and Osiris.

PEACOCK - ancient symbol for an eye, especially the Eye of the Soul and the Eye of God; an emblem of the Buddha.

WHITE FEATHER - can symbolize Peace, Pure Spirit, clouds, even sea foam. But of course it's also an old symbol for extreme inexcusable cowardice. Go figure....

    See you guys next week, so practice that high flying....

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