MORE BIRDS: FLYING IN AND OUT OF YOUR DREAMS (Falcon, Hawk, Hummingbird): Dream Info Session No. 155

    Since so far we've only hit the top three birds as symbols (Dove, Eagle, Raven), we thought we'd show some respect to a few of the other important flyers. (See Session 109 BIRDS SOARING THROUGH YOUR DREAMS? Symbolism of Birds.)

FALCON - Falcon is most often identified with the Sun and solar deities. Because of its strength, courage, beauty and ability to rise above, Falcon was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians. And especially sacred to Ra whose son Horus is often shown in the form of a Falcon or with a Falcon's head - the son of the Sun kinda thing.

And during the European Renaissance, a Hooded Falcon became a symbol of Hope for the light to illuminate the darkness. We could use some of that today.

HAWK - an ancient and strong symbol because of its fierce cry, calling you back to waking up to the search for more productive ways of being and doing, calling you back to awareness and consciousness in the third dimension. Like Eagle, Hawk has an overall view and perspective of the ground from above, allowing it to hone in on its target.

To the Ancient Egyptians, Hawk symbolized the human soul and its potential for divine transformation. And Hawk was often associated with Mercury, the Greek and Roman messenger of the gods.

But to the early Christians, Hawk frequently represented death and was a symbol for the evil mind of the sinner. Conversely, early Christians used the symbol of a Hawk attacking a rabbit to represent victory of the Spirit over Lust. Again - never said humans were easy to understand....

In some Native American cultures, Hawk is a messenger bringing information from those who have lived before. Its cry is always a message to sharpen your awareness, pay closer attention to your immediate environment — outer and inner.

HUMMINGBIRD - Hummingbird has the unique ability to fly in all directions - up, down, backwards, forwards, even hover. Just one of the reasons it has always been associated with magic.

No other bird manages to fly backwards. Think of the symbolism of that alone. So Hummingbird represents the possibility of achieving the seemingly impossible by recognizing and trusting your own brand of doing things.

Hummingbird spends its life moving from one flower to another, bringing new life as it extracts the nectar it needs. And an old legend promises us that Hummingbird feathers will open the heart — without an open heart, you will never taste the sweet nectar (essence) of life. See how this symbolism thing works? Are you being reminded to pay more attention to the important things?

Hummingbirds are excellent home builders and each home is unique. And they have an innate sense to slow down at night and get plenty of deep rest. Message you should be doing the same? Flying too fast? Wearing out your little wings?

    See you next week. And don't take those winged creatures for granted. They're trying to tell you something....

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