As odd as this question sounds, finding yourself suddenly climbing in a dream is fairly common - and a darned good symbol when you think about it. To climb anything at all you have to use personal effort and skills, and most climbs require some concentration, focus, and caution, no matter what you're climbing or where you're headed.

    So first of all, what is it you were climbing? A mountain, hill, roof, ladder, stairs? Was the way steep, smooth, rough, slick, dangerous, fun? Were you nervous? Was anyone with you? There to catch you if you slip? (See also Session 119 WATCH YOUR STEP ON THOSE DREAM STAIRS.)

    What were you wearing? Was it a help or hindrance in your climb? Why were you making the climb at all? What's there when you complete the climb? How will you feel? Is that the same or different from the way you feel when awake?

    Were you trying to get somewhere, or getting away from something? Going up, or climbing down?

CLIMBING DOWN - is often telling you that you are or feel you are retreating, moving down from the top of what you've already climbed. And this is either a good thing or a bad one, depending entirely on what you're climbing down and how you felt about it.

Climbing down can also be a message you're about to go back over feelings and thoughts you've already mastered, that you're trying to return to what appears to be a safer and more solid experiences and emotions. Again, good or bad, depending.

But climbing down could just be telling you there's nothing new for you in the direction you've been climbing, and that it's okay to go back to base camp and choose a different way to reach your goal.

CLIMBING UP - often tells you you're moving in the right direction, depending of course entirely on why you're making the climb, the circumstances causing your efforts, what you're climbing, and the overall emotional flavor of the dream.

Climbing up for example could be telling you you're trying to get away from something, get above it all, avoid life at lower levels. Or that you need to get a higher view of the whole picture.

    So how you felt during the climb, how much effort it took, how well you pulled it off, where you were climbing to, helps zero you in on what the climb has to say to you.

    See you next week, whether we're up or down.

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