Ceremonies are at their heart rituals. And rituals are one of our best ways to reconnect and stay connected to the things that matter most to us. Which is just one reason why they pop up in dreams.

    Dreaming any sort of ceremony is often a clear message you have or are moving into the next phase of growth. It can also be a signal an initiation of some kind has or is about to happen.

    What kind of ceremony was it? Who participated? Who was just observing? How were the participants dressed? What was the overall tone of the ceremony? Who would choose to be a part of this ritual? Who would avoid it? Why? How was the ceremony different from ones you've seen? And most importantly - what spiritual questions were you asking at the time of your dream?

BAPTISM - baptism is an old, old symbol that you are giving up old ways of thinking and behaving and are now consciously committing to a higher way of being.

Baptism represents your connection to the source of spiritual strength and that you're announcing you are willing and ready to change to accomplish that. It often spotlights a spiritual awakening, a dedication to your true essence, of becoming the Initiate, the dedicated Disciple/Student.

And baptism symbolizes the purification by Spirit (water, oil) of the basic lower physical qualities of the true Self now made possible by your conscious decision to take the necessary actions. Within this context baptism represents your willingness to dedicate your physical life to your spiritual one.

Into what are you being baptized? What age is the person being baptized? (Tells you what part of you is changing.) Who is performing the ritual? What earth element is used to baptize? Being sprinkled or fully immersed? What kind of person chooses this way?

CHRISTENING - another old, old naming ceremony, christening is an official initiation into your tribe, a blessing of the new part of you that is so new is must be renamed. Christening dreams often tell you you've been initiated into a very specific level of consciousness. What part of you has just been renamed? Have you just dedicated yourself to a new attitude or belief?

FUNERAL - dreaming of funerals is almost never precognitive. It is extremely rare to dream of your own physical death. Read that again, please, and check out Session 28 DREAMS OF DEATH AND DYING: PSYCHIC DREAMS AND OBEs Part 5 for more.

Dream funerals almost always symbolize a death of some part of you that is no longer needed, holding you back. It's telling you you're beginning to be at peace with the loss of that old familiar part of yourself and that mourning that loss is okay, even essential. And mock funerals were a common initiation ritual that acknowledged movement into the next and different phase of existence.

They can also represent leftover emotions about your past that you haven't worked through or let go, a reminder to just leave it. Funerals can also of course be a healthy way of releasing and working with any real waking loss or grief.

What type of funeral was it? Who attended? Who was deceased? What belief system could that represent? Any colors involved?

SACRIFICIAL - often a symbol of a deep wish to sacrifice some part of yourself to gain a specified goal. Conversely, sacrifices can be warning you some part of you enjoys playing the martyr, being the victim. What was the strongest emotion in the dream? What does that relate to in your life at the time?

Who or what is being sacrificed? By what to what purpose? What will be the end result? What instruments were used? Was there pain or blood involved? (See Sessions 131 GETTING AWAY WITH IT: KILLING IN DREAMS and 137 THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE: Blood And Violence In Dreams.)

WEDDING - most often represents the merging of the Yin-Yang principles and qualities of your true Self, a merger necessary to form a stronger entity, the Relationship. (See Session 151 DREAMING ABOUT MARRIAGE?)

A wedding is also another naming ceremony.When a man gives a woman his name, he has symbolically given her power over him and all he owns. Ask any husband.

To dream of marrying a former lover or friend usually represents a strong inner desire to integrate the aspects of that person into your own personality. Or it may be a message that you're missing those qualities in your present relationships. But dreaming of past loves rarely means you really long to go back. (See Session 6 DREAM LOVERS.)

    See you next week. In the meantime, keep an eye out for your life rituals.

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