DREAM SEO: INCUBATING A DREAM: Dream Info Session No. 150

    Back in the day, our ancestors trusted their dreams and visions, even to the point of building temples dedicated to dream interpretation. They acknowledged our separation from our origins but trusted spirit to communicate through visions and dreams, maintaining and securing our connection.

    One of their favorite methods to stay connected was to simply focus on something they wanted to know and ask for answers to come through dreams.

    The ancients prepared themselves by going to the temple, writing a question on a cloth and wrapping the cloth around their hand before sleeping. In short, they made a ritual out of it, which is still a great way to get your subconscious' attention. Ritual reinforces your intention, lulls the conscious mind, and puts the guard at the gate into a light doze, allowing all sorts of intriguing things to slip through.

    In the morning any dreams were described to a priest whose sole purpose was to interpret the dream's meaning in relation to the question. This method still works, but the interpreter can be you,  doesn't need an expert or cost you anything but time - just one of the reasons to become aware of your favorite symbols and how you use and respond to them. Yeah, I know I keep pushing that wagon. But this is important to you. (See Session 92 HOW TO START YOUR PERSONAL DREAM DICTIONARY.)

    You can even get simple yes-no responses using incubation. Just keep in mind that your dreams tend to be big production numbers even when answering something simple. We are all so-o-o creative. And your dreams prove it.


1.    Pare your question down to its core and minimize words as much as possible. This is not left brain stuff so pictures or whole scenes are what you'll get. Often just the process of clarifying your question pops out the solution even before you sleep on it.

2.    Keep requests in present tense. Now is when you want an answer. It's tonight you want information, not next week.

3.    No multiple choice questions. You might get multiple answers, or none at all.

4.    Write your question down on paper or your dream journal, just as you're going to phrase it. This is where your words do count. You'll be surprised at how often you get an answer to the question you actually asked but thought you asked something else. Writing it down helps you see this.

5.    Only one question per sleep cycle please.

6.    Repeat your question in your head as you're slipping into sleep. Last thing on your mind stuff.

7.    If you wake during the night, don't let the intellect jump right in searching for clues. Write down or record any part of a dream you remember at this point, changing nothing. Don't analyze while catching. You do want to pay attention to the words you use, but not now.

8.    Same goes for when you wake in the morning. Just let the dream flow exactly as you remember it. Run it backwards if you're starting to lose it.

9.    Even if you think you instantly understand your answer, capture those symbols. They're just the surface of the things they represent. Keep digging.

    Don't get discouraged if incubating takes several tries. You will get answers (and probably did first try) and it's okay to keep asking the same thing till you understand the message. Think of it as dream SEO. How many ways can you phrase your search to get the information?

    See you next week. In the meantime, think through those search requests.

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake or Dreaming available from Amazon at http://amazon.com/dp/1885975023 and at your favorite bookshop.]

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