THE SUN AS SYMBOL IN YOUR DREAMS: Dream Info Session No. 147

    Are you a sun baby? Or do you find yourself more often in shadows in your dreams? How do you feel about the bright light of the sun? Allergic? (See Session 143 THE SHADOW KNOWS: Do You Have A Dream Shadow?)

    One of the first symbols used by humans, as an archetype the Sun is Divine Light; Life; Fire; natural power and energy; the Yang principle and qualities; healing; the Center; the heart of anything; instant knowledge or illumination; healthy growth; intense heat; Wisdom; creativity; the incarnated personality and character of a person; the power of feeling and believing, and so Faith; and the imagination and inspiration of the Intellect.

    The Sun also represented all solar deities, including the Archangel Michael. It symbolizes high spiritual ideals, the Light of Consciousness, and is a common symbol for the 3rd Chakra. Also representing the zenith, the highest point in the sky, the Sun is linked to the Will and the Active Principle.

    It has almost always represented the Intellect, the Moon representing Intuition. Which one is in your dreams most often? Do you notice? Backtrack on some dreams and see if you got messages you may have missed. You are keeping a journal, right?

    In most ancient cultures the Sun was seen as the Supreme Cosmic Power, the Heart of the Cosmos, the All-Seeing Divinity, the Center of Being itself, and a symbol of supreme rulership and the unconquerable.

    The Sun also represented Divine Will and guidance; the Light of the Buddha; the Logos; Pure Spirit; and was the World Door to the entrance of Knowledge and Immortality. Think about that last one for a minute.

    Some of the more common symbols that can represent the Sun in your dream (and other places):

  • Revolving disks or wheels
  • Circles with a dot in the center
  • Swastikas (probably why you-know-who tried to pervert it)
  • Rays, especially wavy or undulating
  • Chariots
  • An eye (left eye = Yin; right = Yang)
  • Spider in the center of a web
  • All solar birds and animals, like eagle, hawk, lion, dragon

    The light of the Sun is an ancient symbol for direct knowledge as opposed to indirect intuitional knowledge. The straight lines in a Sun symbol represent Light itself and wavy lines usually represent radiating power and heat.

    See you next week. In the meantime, check to see if you're a Sun Baby or a Moon Baby and what that might be saying about you.

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake or Dreaming available from Amazon at and at your favorite bookshop.]

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