How you get around in a dream tells you a lot about you and how you feel about how you're moving through life at the time. As an archetype, any vehicle used for moving from one place to another symbolizes the Self and the current choice of movement to get to your destination. And a vehicle may be telling your something about your Emotional Energy Body by its condition and style.

    On a more worldly level, vehicles represent your physical body and personality, your way of getting around, the method you use to get out and about and take an active part in life to get things done, not to mention your energy levels.

    Interestingly enough, your subconscious seems to prefer one vehicle over another, so your particular dream vehicle can also be one of your key dream symbols over the years - symbols you dream over and over. Watch how your vehicle changes as you change - because it will.

    What type of vehicle do you dream most often? What is its main function? Who would own one? What condition is it in? How fast does it or can it move? Who is in control? What type of fuel does it run on? How is it different from other vehicles in its class? Are you in the driver's seat, or just along for the ride?

AIRPLANE - the general symbolism of any flying vehicle is that you're beginning to wake up, literally flying toward and in new levels of experience and into spaces you have yet to master.

Airplanes are at home in the air (spirit), and are able to achieve flight against odds, not the least of which is their weight. Until certain conditions are met, they can't leave the ground. And flying can also be a signal that you are entering a lucid dream.

BOAT/SHIP - symbolize safe passage across whatever the water represents to you. As an archetype they are symbols of the Seat of the Higher Self, the Causal Body. Used in this context, they represent the Soul floating on the Sea of Life. Boats also represent teachers, places of safety while you're learning and heading into deep waters.

Boats were the vehicles of the Sun and Moon and responsible for transporting them across the sky. And so boats and ships represent transitions, crossings from one environment to another.

They also make for great puns: just found your dream boat? Ship about to come in? Missed the boat entirely? One oar short? Someone or something in the same boat? Feeling adrift?

CAR - often represents your feelings of personal freedom, how freely you can move about, how in control you feel. They represent your physical body, your personality, how you see and feel about yourself.

Cars carry the same symbolism as the Chariot, substituting modern movement for those of the horse, potent symbols on their own. What's the horse power of your dream car? How easy is it to handle? Any flat tires? Why are you in a car and not a truck, bus, train, or walking? What condition is the car in, what color is it? What model is it - sedan, hybrid, sport? What kind of person would own that car? How is it different from the car you drive?

TRUCK - these are work vehicles and allow more options for the terrain you can cover and load you can carry. What tasks was the truck designed to do? How well is it doing them? Would the truck change if the color changed? How is a truck different from a car? What kind of person prefers a truck over a car?

    See you next week. In the meantime, take special care of that vehicle. It keeps you here.

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide to Symbols - Awake or Dreaming available from Amazon at and at your favorite bookshop.]

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