DREAMING IN COLOR: Do You? Dream Info Session No. 144

    If you've never thought about it much you probably think we all pretty much see the same colors, and that by now we know what causes color in the first place. But the truth is that we don't all see the same shades. And even after 3,000 years of study we don't know quite as much about color as we like to think we do.

    But the answer to whether or not you personally dream in color - yep. We all do except for rare instances. Most of the time we don't remember color because it's so familiar to us. So when you notice a color, pay attention. (See Session 18 10 COMMON DREAM MYTHS.)

What It Is

    Color is vibration produced by light, and vibration is the essence of color, just as vibration is the essence of sound. So in one way, color is sound we can see. Kinda explains why it's possible to "see" sound and "hear" color when things get scrambled.

    The true color of any object is defined as the hues produced in open sunlight. Artificial light distorts color, as you've no doubt noticed when you try things on under store lighting. So colors are affected by the quality of the light that reaches the object. But without a light source, there is no color at all. All of which makes for important symbols in your dreams.

    Now to get on with what color itself symbolizes, and how it shapes your reactions whether you're conscious of it or not. We'll start with the one we all notice:

RED - represents the first level at which Spirit integrates into Matter. Just one of the reasons it's always associated with the 1st Chakra.

Red contains the slowest moving frequencies visible to humans, and symbolizes strong passions, robust health, spiritual energy, physical survival, lust, physical sexuality. In ancient days the color Red also represented protection from danger, both physical and spiritual. Red does in fact open the 1st Chakra (Base) and closes the 5th (Throat.)

The frequencies of Red have a history of use for treating problems of the blood including anemia, low life force energy, and poor circulation. It is an antidote for an overdose of Blue, so good for chills and mushing through the tundra.

As you've no doubt guessed, Red should not be used by anyone with a naturally anxious disposition. Too much of this frequency stimulates frustration with things as they are, anger, lust, violence, even destructive behavior.

But the positive effects of Red provide strength, power, honor, and initiative and determination. In other words, its a natural energizer. Just be sure you know what you're energizing.

To the ancient Egyptians, Red symbolized evil and destruction, but was used as a positive color on the crown of Lower Egypt. To the Romans it was a color of nobility, power, fertility, new life, warmth, and worn by high ranking judges. To the alchemists, Red was the color of the Philosopher's Stone. And some Native American traditions hold Red as one of the four power colors. See? We've always been complicated.

But of course Red also means STOP! Danger! So if you're noticing it a lot lately, you may want to do a little thinking about what you're being warned about.

HOT PINK - is a color combining the calm of Pink with Red, creating high action, highly visible energy. It is a definite "Look at me!" color with Yin energy, but with a large dollop of Yang mixed in. So no surprise it gets attention.

MUDDY COLORS - traditionally, muddy shades of any color symbolize one of the four lower astral levels of existence - color (light) that has been contaminated.

Muddy colors can also be telling you about depleted energy or confused and muddy thinking. And they can be messages to not get stuck, or that you're in danger of being stuck, in or by what that specific color means to you.

    See you next week. If you'd like to see more about color symbolism here, just let me know.

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