KEYS IN DREAMS: Lose Them or Find Them?

KEYS IN DREAMS: Lose Them or Find Them? Dream Info Session No. 139

    Keys are a slam dunk that you're getting the message, you have the key - but don't stop there. Dig into their deeper messages. For example, to be given a Key is a symbol of mastery, that your loyalty has been proven and that you've now earned the trust of your "master." And to give someone the keys to the city was a gesture of surrender, a recognition of sovereignty.

    As an archetype, Key symbolizes Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge, Mastery, entry to the next place on your journey. Keys are ancient symbols of control through power, and the ability to confine and/or free that power. In some mystical systems a Key is a symbol of attaining a certain status or office related to a particular force or power. Think of of that in terms of all the Keys you see on various spiritual materials.

    And Key sometimes symbolizes the threshold of Consciousness, that you now have the Key to open a door and enter, to unlock the treasures within. Keys also represent your intuition and inner awareness, themselves keys to open locked doors.

    Keys represent a solution to a problem, that you've been given the way out of something. And they represent initiation - you're being awarded the right to participate, become a member, have a key.

    In many ancient legends, Keys are symbols of deity and of a task being given, a mystery or riddle to  solve and the means (the Key) to accomplish your task. Many ancient texts used the tongue to represent a Key, a symbol within a symbol

    But of course Keys also restrict, lock out or in, keep something hidden away or imprisoned. How you feel about the Key in your dream or meditation will give you your clue.

    All keys have the power to open and release or to secure and lock away. So Keys represent safety, protection from danger and the unknown. Or do you feel locked out? Do you have the right key? Did someone give you the wrong key? Being shown the key to your success? Happiness? Who holds the key to your heart? Are you on key? All keyed up? Are you receiving a key message?

    What kind of Key is it? What kind of lock does it fit? What is it made of? What is its shape? What kind of person would value your Key? Who would ignore it? What happens if you lose this Key?

ANKH AS A KEY most often symbolizes the Key to Eternal Life, the Key that opens the Gates of Death through which immortality is gained, literally the Key to the secrets of life and death. And since it's composed of the symbols for male and female, could be a strong sexual symbol - which is pretty much true of any Key, especially if a lock is involved.

FINDING A KEY symbolizes the stage of growth just prior to discovering something of great value, a solution to your problem is about to be found after delays because you now have the Key. Losing a Key could of course be warning you that you're in danger of losing what the Key represents to you.

GIVING OR RECEIVING A KEY symbolizes authority and control over what the Key unlocks or guards.

GOLD KEY in general symbolizes spiritual power, power through the spiritual laws, the Greater Mysteries.

SILVER KEY symbolizes power over the Lesser Mysteries, the physical laws of nature.

THREE KEYS together are an ancient symbol for the three secret rooms or containers. The first Key is often Silver, representing that things can now be revealed psychologically and physically. The second Key is often Gold, things revealed through philosophical or spiritual knowledge. The third Key is often Diamond, symbolizing the power and authority to act from the total knowledge acquired through the proper learning and use of the Silver and Gold Keys.

    See you next week. In the meantime, be careful where you put those Keys....

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake or Dreaming available from Amazon at and at your favorite bookshop.]

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