Ever find yourself floating in a dream? Flying? Treading water? Well, the good news is that this pretty much is good news.

    Floating is often telling you that you're in the natural flow of your life at the time of the dream, just floating along, taking life as it comes, moving with the tide, tubin' down the Salt (you Arizonans know what that one means.)

    Floating can also represent a strong desire to coast or just float along with the situation that is the main plot of your dream. Who or what is floating? On what? Are you above or below the medium you're floating on or in ? What's the difference between floating and flying? Floating and swimming? (See also Session 70 HOW HIGH CAN YOU FLY IN YOUR DREAMS?)

FLOATING ON AIR generally represents you're in direct contact with your true spiritual nature (surprised?), that you're ready to let go, move into new levels with little effort needed on your part. Floating on air can also symbolize deep feelings of lightness, of rising above the material world, and the power of all beings of Light - like you. Also a natural pun: what has you floating on air?

FLOATING ON WATER often tells you that you're floating above or on your emotions, your life, your consciousness, or all or any combination of these. And floating on water also represents a passive restful time, literally a wish to go back to a time when you had little or no responsibilities, to when all your needs were taken care of. So floating on water could be a message you are now just going with the flow or treating water instead of taking action. How you feel about that in the dream will point you to whether you're being told to actually take action or just keep on floating a while longer.

But floating on water can also be telling you that you have a strong desire to be supported and carried by what the water represents to you at the time. So the kind of water is very much a component of your message. What kind of water is it? Where is it? What is its state: calm, clear, muddy, agitated, contained, flooding? (See also Session 45, WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE.)

And it was once believed that witches could not drown, that they floated on water and would never submerge. So anyone perceived as a witch was pretty much toast either way.

    How do you feel in the dream? Is the floating pleasant, or unsettling? On what are you floating? Why? Anyone or anything with you? Which direction are you floating? What's the ultimate destination? How would your dream change if what you were floating on changed? Just for starters, of course.

    See you next week. In the meantime, don't look down....

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake Or Dreaming available from Amazon at http://amazon.com/dp/1885975023 and at your favorite bookshop.]

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