Do you ever remember what any window looked like in your dream? Another symbol we all take for granted, or barely notice, windows come in all shapes, sizes, and coverings. And those of us who follow this stuff know the game by now - things are rarely just what they seem.

    Windows often represent your view and perception of your life at the time, what you allow yourself to see - and from where you see it. They also remind you that you have the ability to see beyond the situation represented in your dream, that you can literally see through the wall or object blocking your vision.

    And while windows cannot themselves give light, but they do allow light to flow into and through. Windows allow you to see in two directions, out and in.

    Your dream window may also be showing you the level of your openness and vulnerability to outside influences. Conversely, they can be telling you to look more outside yourself, see beyond your own thoughts and problems, that there are wider vistas available. Are you on the inside looking out, or outside looking in? Could you climb through the window if you wanted? Is someone or something looking in at you?

    What kind of window was in your dream? Was it wide, narrow, barred, open, screened, curtained, shuttered, locked? What was its shape? Would the view change if the shape changed? What condition was it in? Clean? Broken? Missing? Old? New? Was it stained glass? If so, colors count.

    Were there coverings on the window? Who picked them out? What style are they? Is light allowed in, or blocked? What kind of building was the window in? What kind of person uses that kind of building? Where were you standing in relation to the window? What could you see? And of course, how did you feel about all of this in your dream? (See Sessions 36 for all types of buildings, GETTING FROM THERE TO HERE: SYMBOL BUILDINGS and 131 for rooms WHAT DOES THE ROOM YOU DREAM IN SAY ABOUT YOU?)

    See you next week. In the meantime, pay attention to what's in view just by raising your head and really looking....

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake or Dreaming available on Amazon at
http://www.amazon.com/dp/1885975023 and at your favorite bookshop]

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