THE LIGHTING IN YOUR DREAMS: Which Time of Day Do You Dream Most Often? Dream Info Session 134

    Do you ever notice the lighting in your dream? In which part of the day or night is your dream playing out? Most of us take it for granted, as just another thing our dreaming mind comes up with like floors and walls. But you know this stuff well enough by now to not be taken in, right?

    Each section of a 24-hour period has its own unique symbolism, and has for centuries. For instance, the four phases of day are sometimes themselves symbols for the four seasons. Days were a favorite of the ancients for representing long periods of time - 40 days and 40 nights stuff. And, yes, the 40 is also symbolic. Complicated things, humans. 

    Day is also a good dream pun: have you finally seen the light? Are you in danger of doing the same old thing day after day? Is something coming into the light?

    Keep in mind that how you personally feel about any symbol very much changes its shape and meaning for you.

    But in general:

DARK - As an archetype Dark symbolizes the Primordial Chaos out of which all Matter takes form. Darkness implies the existence of dualities -there is no light without darkness for instance, and vice versa. And since Light originally emerged from Darkness, in this context Dark becomes Unmanifest Light, not necessarily negative in itself.

Darkness precedes physical birth, and it is for this reason as much as any other that it is a component of most initiation rites worldwide.

But in general, when you're in the Dark in your dreams it represents a place where you basically still have a shadowy idea about the subject of your dream. Darkness may even be pointing out that you don't want to look at the subject in the light. How do you feel about being in the dark? How's your night vision? What is with you there in the Dark, in your dream?

LIGHT - In general, all forms of radiance symbolize new life coming from Divinity. How's that for making your mind pay attention?

Light also represents illumination; enlightenment; the manifestation of Divinity as direct knowledge and not just by faith or belief. And Light symbolizes the source of all Life; Goodness; Truth; the True Self; Pure Spirit; the Word or Logos; spiritual freedom; joy; and the manifestation of Non-Being into Being.

But wait! There's more! Light is energy, power, and the ability to see and understand more clearly what is in front of you. Even a small light helps you see in the darkest of the Dark.

How do you feel about light? Do you let it in, or keep your curtains closed? Why? What is visible in your dream light?

NOON - Midday and midnight actually carry much of the same symbolism because they are both turning points and high points of the cyclic flow of energies. Noon is the brightest and hottest time of day. Noon is the time when no shadow is cast, the time when the Spiritual Sun is at its physical zenith. Think about that one a second.

Another good pun: are you about to experience your high noon? Have you lost your shadow? Time to break for nutrition?

MIDNIGHT - Midnight is the time when the Spiritual Sun stands at its spiritual apex and associated with contemplation, initiation, spiritual insights, knowledge, and of course the time of mysterious happenings. So Midnight was a natural to eventually morph into the witching hour, the time many legends say is best for contacting spirits, ghosts, demons, and other non-human things.

NIGHT - Dreaming it's night can be a direct message that you need to rest, power down, maybe give yourself time to dream more. But it often symbolizes you're not seeing things in a clear light, or that you have turned your vision away from the Light. Could also be saying "just hang in there a little longer, make it through this night." All of which of course depends entirely on the context of Night in your dream, and how you feel.

Night also represents the Great Mystery, the Unknown, the subconscious, the irrational. And let's not leave out the famous Dark Night of the Soul.

Night was the Mother of the Gods to the Greeks, the all-enveloping aspect of female power, most often symbolized by a woman with a star-sprinkled veil holding a child in each arm - black representing death, and white sleep before birth.

TWILIGHT - Twilight often represents the beginning-of-the-end of the subject of your dream. Twilight is also a time for putting away the Day's work and worries, a time to relax, wind down before a new Day begins. And your Twilight might be telling you that you should think about spending more time in real life, not an in-between one. Or is it just time to see the plot of your dream in a softer light?

    See you next week. In the meantime, notice the lighting around you and when you prefer which - and why.

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake or Dreaming available from Amazon at and at your favorite bookshop.]

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