STONED AGAIN: Meaning of a Stone In Your Dreams

STONED AGAIN: The Meaning of a Stone in Your Dreams and Meditations: Dream Info Session No. 129

    Any stone of any variety symbolizes some kind of spiritual truth, and varies in meaning only by its family tree. A stone all by itself is almost always a symbol for Spirit, especially Spirit manifested into Matter. It is also a symbol for the human soul and its inner growth and acquired knowledge. Pretty important stuff.

    Stones represent durability, solidity, reliability, the Earth, all or any of the planets, the physical Universe, and even the entire Cosmos.

    Conversely, stones can represent something that's static, at a standstill, in stasis, that little change is going on or is happening much, much too slowly.

    Stones are also good puns: what is as hard and cold as stone? Who got stoned? Is this a cornerstone dream? Is something in danger of becoming stone cold dead? Want to throw rocks at someone?

BEING THROWN - believe it or not this is an ancient symbol for the positive power of the mind and intellect. More often of course, throwing stones takes its opposite meaning of prejudiced, unproductive, outdated parts of the mind and intellect which cause much hurt and damage.

BUILDING STONES - symbolize the parts of Self that have been shaped and purified and are now part of the immortal body - the permanent you. They are often messages that some part of the old you has been sacrificed in order to become usable for construction of the new. Building Stones also symbolize the beliefs upon which you build your life, stone by stone.

CARVED AND POLISHED STONES - symbolize your personality or character traits that have been consciously worked on, shaped, polished, even tumbled around a lot to make you who you are. Pay attention to what variety of stone it is and what it was made into. Makes a difference.

CORNERSTONE - an ancient representation of the spiritual perfection of the Inner Self, the first stone placed to ensure a good solid foundation. Who placed the stone? Why? What would happen if it was removed? Anything written on it?

COVERING OPENING OR WELL - symbolizes conditions and natural obstacles you must understand and master before the Treasure of Hidden Knowledge can be reached and used. You must metaphorically "roll away the stone" and have the courage to enter the unseen - and then deal with it.

CUBIC STONE - symbolizes stability, passive perfection, the foundation of something, the stone on which the Universe is built, and the Number 8. [See Session 61 Pt. 3 YOUR DREAM NUMBERS 8-10.]

KA'ABA STONE - ancient and revered centuries before Islam, no one is quite sure where this stone originated or even what it is since no one is allowed to touch it. But in general, the Ka'aba Stone symbolizes the Hidden Spirit within the Soul - and of course, much, much more.

ROUND STONE - symbolizes the moon, the Yin principle and qualities, all lunar deities, and the Soul.

TALL UPRIGHT STONE - this includes mountains, pillars, columns, obelisks, standing stones, etc. and symbolizes the Cosmic Axis, the Axis Mundi, the Central Point in Space and Time, the vertical line that physically connects the levels of heaven and the levels of earth.

UNCARVED STONE - symbolizes the raw material of your personality, the parts of your character not yet worked on or shaped. But an uncarved stone can also represent something in its still pure natural state of being, something which requires no work or artificial adornments.

    See you next week. And if you're interested in the individual symbolism of stones by variety, check out our other weekly blog

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake Or Dreaming available from Amazon at and at your favorite bookshop.]

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