WINTER SOLSTICE: Ancient Door Of The Gods

WINTER SOLSTICE: Ancient Door Of The Gods: Dream Info Session No. 126

    As we edge closer to December 21st, we thought you might like to catch up on what the Winter Solstice represents. Gets pretty deep actually.

    The Winter Solstice symbolically is the day when the powers of Light conquer the powers of Darkness, and it for this reason that it was often called the Door Of The Gods. It represented the ascent and growing power and energy of the Sun over the Dark - and all that carries with it.    

    Many ancient cultures celebrated the Winter Solstice as the Festival of the Dying God. Every year the Great Mother or Queen of Heaven gave birth to the Son of Light, usually somewhere around December 25th, always a significant time in solar-based cultures.

    For instance in ancient Scandinavian stories, Baldur appeared every December 25th. Early Christian beliefs used this date to represent the birth of the Christ, and the Christian midnight mass ceremony even today uses the symbol of the lighted candles of Mary as the Light-Bearer, the symbol of the Virgin who brings forth Light.

    In ancient Egypt, Horus was reborn to Isis during the Winter Solstice, while in Alexandria it was Osiris who was reborn, "the Virgin has given birth, the Light grows." In Mithraism, the Winter Solstice was the birthday of the Unconquered Sun, while in Babylonia it was the constellation Virgo which gave birth to the Sun. So you know, our Winter Solstice is in Capricorn, so interesting switch in symbolism here.

     The symbolism around this particular time is formidable indeed, and we all respond to it on some level, no matter where our beliefs stand, if nothing else than just to the change in light. So as we move into this one, let's hold the thought that no matter what you believe, Light conquering Darkness is a good thing.


    This one happens in Cancer and symbolizes the Door Of Man. It represents the descent and diminishing power of the Sun, with the load that carries with it. The Sun itself is an ancient symbol of Divine Light; Life; Fire; Wisdom; the Center; the heart of anything; instant intuitive knowledge and illumination; the incarnated personality and character of the individual human being; the power of feeling and believing; the imagination and inspiration of the intellect; natural energy; Yang; and healthy growth. Whew! No wonder it's so overheated....

    See you next week. In the meantime, stand in the Light for as long as you can.

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake or Dreaming, available from Amazon at and from your favorite bookshop.]

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