DREAMING ABOUT CRYSTALS: Rocks In Your Head: Dream Info Session No. 107

For those of us totally nuts about Quartz Crystals and their relations, dreaming about them happens a lot. But since your subconscious pick the symbols it know you'll respond to best, this is no big surprise.

    Quartz Crystal itself symbolizes the Spirit and the Intellect associated with the Soul as the Light of the Spirit. Good enough? They also represent Truth received by the Mind as Truth is able to operate through the medium of your own personality. And the initial caps aren't there by accident. Each one of those terms has a lengthy symbolism and meaning all its own, but not to worry - I won't burden you with it here.

    Quartz is an ancient symbol of self-illumination, spiritual perfection and knowledge, perfect insight, and the passive aspect of Will (the sword most often symbolizes the active aspect of Will, Quartz Crystal the passive.)

    Quartz Crystal also symbolizes purity, clarity, the union of opposites, the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Mary (that one surprised me a little), Truth conveying Knowledge to the human personality, Truth on the Higher Mental Plane, and is connected to the meaning of Diamond (see crystalpersonalities.com/Diamond.)

    It also represents the potential for human beings to attain "transparency," to be "in the world but not of the world," to exist in Matter but not be trapped or mesmerized by it. And belonging to the hexagonal crystal system and a framework silicate, Quartz picks up that symbolism as well. And you thought it was just a pretty thing in your dream...

    Quartz won't burn, but it can be used to ignite a flame by allowing light to pass through it because it offers little or no resistance to light. How about that for symbolism?

    It also represents a need or strong desire for clarity, a need to be clear about the subject of your dream. Crystals naturally boost and amplify any energies around them, are natural sources of energy, and can even store information for long periods of time.

    So why you would be dreaming about Quartz Crystals can depend on a great many things, not the least of which is how you feel about them in general. What do you assume about Quartz Crystals? Do they contribute anything to the world? Are they nonsense? Evil? If your dream Crystal could talk, what would it say?


CRYSTAL SPHERE OR BALL - most often symbolizes the Light of God. They were sacred to the Roman goddess Selene and represented the celestial power of Light. And of course Crystal Balls weren't born that way - another good use of symbolism. They go through a ton of abuse to get to the spectacular shape they are.

POINT OF A CRYSTAL - the point or termination of a Crystal symbolizes the 7th Chakra and the potential we all have to know our spiritual nature through the use of inner knowledge and energy by the proper use of the energy and knowledge and experience housed the other six primary Chakras or energy centers of the human body.

SIX SIDES OF A CRYSTAL - represent humanity and the six major energy points, or Chakras, of the human body, and all that each represents for our journey. See if you can sort them out.

    And of course we have just made a small dent in the symbolism of these beautiful products of our planet. Not to mention that each variety has its own identity and symbolism. So if you're dreaming about crystals and other minerals, consider yourself on course and very fortunate.

    See you next week. In the meantime, stay safe, noticing and appreciating nature, and of course dreaming...

[Excerpted in part from Letters From Home: A Guide To Symbols - Awake or Dreaming, available on Amazon at http://amazon.com/dp/1885975023 and at your favorite bookshop]

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